Knights Armaments M110 iPod Touch Mount

How many ways can you think of making good use of your iPod touch? How about this – the Knights Armaments M110 iPod Touch mount that features an accompanying ballistics software? For those who are out of the loop, here’s a little history lesson on what the M110 is all about – this is a 7.62mm × 51mm semi-automatic sniper system that picked up the Army’s top prize in a competition to see what is capable of usurping the aging M24 bolt action sniper system. The system has already been battle tested in Afghanistan and Iraq, but it won’t replace the M24 anytime soon though. This mounting system for the iPod touch will see your Apple device attached to a side mounted picatinny rail, whereby the mount is hooked to an Otterbox protective case. You can pick up the application for $11.99 from the iTunes store, and go nuts configuring firearm/ammunition profiles, followed by choosing a saved profile while entering relevant information like distance, wind direction, elevation and temperature before you let loose a shot.

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