PogoPlug Connects Any External USB  drive to The Internet

The idea behind PogoPlug is simple: Plug it on an electrical outlet, then hook it up to your wired Ethernet network. Finally, connect a USB drive to it and voila, you have an internet accessible USB drive. The user will just have to register its drive to my.pogoplug.com and the web service will do the rest. There’s no need to open and re-route ports . People don’t even need to know what TCP/IP is – cool huh?

Once connected to the service, the files on the drive can be accessed from any web-enabled device via a web browser or a custom application. PogoPlug has a custom API, so third party developers can build their own service and cater the needs of PogoPlug customers. The company mentions things like file synchronization or remote backup, but the sky is the limit. pogoplug.com

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