Stibbert Tube CD Player Offers Best Audio Quality

A CD player is a CD player is a CD player, right? Apparently not, if Goldenote has their way with the Stibbert Tube CD Player. This is one player that is touted to milk every last drop of performance from your audio disc thanks to its twin 6922 tube analog output stage, boasting motor speed fluctuations of less than 0.0001% with an overall mass of three times its predecessor. Talk about backbreaking work just carrying this around – you’d be mindful to be extra careful though since it retails for a whopping $5,030. The whole idea of the Stibbert Tube CD Player is to isolate discs from vibrations, and they achieved that purpose with a mixture of 20mm acrylic and high-density steel alloy treated with a diamagnetic black polyvinyl paint. You’d need to have razor sharp ears to tell the difference between that and a $200 CD player though, so count me out.

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