Acer DX900, F900, M900 and X960 Hands-On

[Mobile World Congress] Acer is a newcomer in the smartphone world. The company believes that laptops (or Netbooks) and mobile phones will eventually “merge” in some ways and that is the reason why it makes sense for them to go into that market. We have had the opportunity to take a closer look, and at the moment, all these phones are variants of plain-vanilla Windows Mobile phones. They aren’t “bad” by any means, but there’s nothing really remarkable about them. We think that Windows Mobile 6.5 is going to help Acer a lot, as they don’t have a head start like HTC on the software side of things (right now, it’s not clear if these phones are compatible with WM 6.5). We’ll keep an eye on Acer, as this is probably only the beginning…


Acer DX900 Photo Gallery
Acer F900 Photo Gallery
Acer M900 Photo Gallery
Acer X960 Photo Gallery

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