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Today, DEMO 09 revealed the lineup of new technology companies that will launch new products during six-minutes live stage demonstrations starting this Monday in Palm Desert.

For the first time Chris Shipley will co-present the show with Matt Marshall from Venture Beat, the new co-executive producer who will run the show in 2010. I have a great respect for Chris Shipley’s talent to discover innovative new tech products and an admiration for her focus and hard work that helped numerous entrepreneurs to succeed. I am a bit sad to see her pass the torch, but I trust her ability to select the best successor.

Ubergizmo is a media partner of DEMO and our readers get a $600 discount on the DEMO registration, click here to register. The conference starts on Sunday, March 1 in Palm Desert, if you cannot attend, follow our live coverage.

Various products launching at DEMO 09 include:

  • a portable device that works as both a netbook and a touchscreen tablet;
  • a network of small, battery powered wireless cameras that stream video directly to the Internet;
  • a commerce-based networking solution that allows subscribers to send various forms of content via Bluetooth;
  • a personal email assistant to initiate and sort through emails and parse conversations, files, images, media, dates and places;
  • a next-generation community management application;
  • an intelligent, Web-based mortgage buying subscription service;
  • a ubiquitous public forum for sharing information side-by-side on any Web page;
  • the first voice-to-text SMS application for the iPhone;
  • a full-featured clinical application that gives transplant organizations the tools to manage an active and scalable program;
  • products from all over the world including Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

The full list of companies after the jump.

DEMO 09 Demonstrators

  • 7 Billion People, Inc.; Austin, TX; www.7bpeople.com
  • Always Innovating, Inc.; Mountain View, CA; www.alwaysinnovating.com
  • AppZero Corp.; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; www.appzero.com
  • Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.; San Mateo, CA; www.asurionmobile.com
  • Avaak, Inc.; San Diego, CA; www.Avaak.com
  • BitGravity, Inc.; Burlingame, CA; www.bitgravity.com
  • bluBuzz, LLC; Holland, MI; www.blubuzz.net
  • Cc:Betty, Inc.; Palo Alto, CA; www.ccbetty.com
  • Citrix Online, Goleta, CA; www.citrixonline.com
  • Coveroo, Inc.; San Francisco, CA; www.coveroo.com
  • deskNET, Lausanne, CH; www.sobees.com
  • Document Depository Corp., LLC; Wayne, PA; www.docdep.com
  • eFormic, Ltd.; Stuttgart, DE; www.CO2code.info
  • Ensembli, Ltd.; Sheffield, Great Britain; www.ensembli.com
  • Evri, Inc.; Seattle, WA; www.evri.com
  • Gazaro, Inc.; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; www.gazaro.com
  • HAM-IT, Inc.; North Andover, MA; www.ham-it.com
  • Home-Account, Inc.; San Francisco, CA; www.home-account.com
  • HowSimple, LLC; Huntington Beach, CA; www.howsimple.com
  • Jadoos, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA; www.jadoos.com
  • Kutano Corp.; Burnaby, BC, Canada; www.kutano.com
  • Liquid Media, LLC; Arvada, CO; www.liquidmediasw.com
  • Ontier, Inc.; Portland, OR; www.ontier.com
  • Primal Fusion, Inc.; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; www.primalfusion.com
  • Promptu Systems Corp.; Menlo Park, CA; www.promptu.com
  • Purewire, Inc.; Atlanta, GA; www.purewire.com
  • Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. San Diego, CA; www.mirasoldisplays.com
  • Qubes, Inc.; Taipei, Taiwan; www.qubes.cc
  • Silverstone Solutions, Inc. San Francisco, CA;
  • www.silverstonesolutions.com
  • Skout, Inc.; San Francisco, CA; www.skout.com
  • SmartyCard; San Mateo, CA; www.smartycard.com
  • Symantec Corp.; Mountain View, CA; www.symantec.com
  • Technicopia, LLC; Carmel Valley, CA; www.gwabbit.com
  • Transformyx, Inc.; Baton Rouge, LA; www.transformyx.com
  • Vokle, Inc.; Santa Monica, CA; www.vokle.com
  • Xandros, Inc.; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; www.xandros.com
  • XMARKS; San Francisco, CA; www.xmarks.com
  • Zipadi Technologies, LLC; Bluffdale, UT; www.zipadi.com
  • Zuora, Inc.; Redwood City, CA; www.zuora.com

More info in the press release.

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