Freestyle Boiler Solar-powered Watch

We know that Seiko’s range of Kinetic watches will run indefinitely as most of us move our hands aplenty throughout the day, but how about harnessing the power of the sun instead? This is not a new idea and there are already numerous solar-powered timepieces in the market already, but where’s the harm in unveiling another one, right? Enter the Freestyle Boiler solar-powered watch – it is the first watch from Freestyle that relies on the sun to keep its internal battery juiced up, featuring a power indicator and power saving function to keep it going. According to Freestyle, the Boiler watch is able to last for up to a year on a single charge – and with the watch facing the sun each day, this will last until the apocalypse moment arrives (or your great-great-great grandchildren lose it in a gutter somewhere). Other features include a chronograph, alarm, timer, dual time and NightVision backlight display, all for $115 a pop.


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