Tokyoflash Sensai Watch

Tokyoflash has yet another mind-boggling watch for the masses – the Sensai. You will be able to choose from case and strap color combinations, where each purchase will come with multi-colored LEDs located under sleek black acrylic lenses. As for the wrist band design, it will look like a one-piece bracelet but can be adjusted in a snap to cater for various wrist sizes. The Sensai has an animation mode that kicks in each minute for every dozen minutes after the time is displayed, where the LEDs will rotate on and off in a circular fashion to bring the watch to life. Of course, you have total control and can turn this function off if you find it to be too distracting. The dozen red LEDs are the hours, while eleven green LEDs represent groups of five minutes with yellow LEDs being the ambassador for single minutes. Nothing beats a classic analog/digital watch when it comes to telling the time at a glance though.


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