Fujitsu Introduces FLEPia Color eBook (with Video)

Fujitsu is bringing to market FLEPia, an color eBook that it had demonstrated last year when we were at CEATEC (Japan). Technologically, this project is not new by any means. What’s new is its arrival to market at a price of $1000 (we mentioned the price last year too). FLEPia is using a color electronic ink and is capable of achieving 40 hours of uninterrupted use. It is powered by Windows CE 5.0, so we wonder what kind of applications could be installed there. The downside, however, is how slow it is to refresh the E-ink: 1.8 seconds! Ouch, we’ll pass on this one, but we’re excited that color is creeping in the whole eBook thing. Video in the full post.


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