Rush FireGlider Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are a special bunch – they are often extremely close in terms of hardware specifications, that it doesn’t really take much to differentiate one from the other apart from the design and branding as well as customer loyalty. The latest of such mice would be the Rush FireGlider from Sharkoon – this laser mouse features on-the-fly refresh rate change that can be found in its rivals, switching from 600 to 3,600DPI at any time depending on the situation. An array of multi-colored LEDs on the device itself provides instant visual feedback on which DPI level it is at currently, while its Teflon feet will help it avoid subpoenas from the court – we jest, it enables smooth movements over hard surfaces. There are half a dozen programmable buttons located across its ergonomic body, while the weight tuning system lets you adjust the mouse’s weight according to personal preferences. Amazingly enough, the Rush FireGlider is one of the cheaper gaming mice in the market retailing for just 25 Euros.


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