Stolen Laptop Shouts For Help

Who would’ve thought that technology would have progressed far enough for a stolen laptop to shout for help once it is booted up? Front Door Software Corp.’s Retriever program aims to combat laptop theft, where the incorrect entry of a password will see a loud voice wail, “Help, this laptop is reported lost or stolen!” straight from the speaker. In addition, a message displaying “Stolen Laptop” alongside contact information of the owner will flash onscreen every half minute. Not only that, Retriever will get to work by tracking down the exact location of the laptop when sending out these warning messages, and it does so by looking for a viable Wi-Fi network in the vicinity, sending its location information to the Front Door Software website for further action. No idea what happens if the thief happens to plug in a pair of earphones at that point in time – is it smart enough to override a mute or plugged headphones?

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