SimMan 3G Offers Next Level Medical Robot

You know those medical interns and how they need to practice what they’ve learned in class on patients? Instead of risking the life of human beings going under their knife, Laerdal Medical of Norway has released the SimMan 3G – a next generation training simulator robot that can “cry, bleed, convulse, go into cardiac arrest, and have all sorts of medical conditions that are better practiced at first without a human subject”. Interestingly enough, it comes with Q-CPR technology that is able to measure the quality of CPR, offering real-time feedback on compression rate, depth, release and hands-off time. In addition, you can hook it up to an internal blood reservoir that allows it to bleed from arterial and venous vessels. Its eye secretions feature also makes room for multiple scenario applications such as responsive reactions to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents. All in all, the SimMan 3G is one creepy, lifelike robot that would go a long way in training our nation’s finest when it comes to healthcare.

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