Corsair H50 Liquid Cooling System

Corsair has released its latest liquid cooling system for overclocked computers as well as those who want nothing but a high performance cooler – the H50. This new system is 100% enclosed, doing away with the need for refilling or messy coolants being a danger to your computer’s internal parts. It plays nice with both Intel and AMD processors, boasting a 120mm radiator and a copper plate for the CPU. The 120mm fan is capable of spinning at 1700 rpm without making too much of a din, while the tubing used on the H50 has low permeability for less evaporation. According to Corsair, the H50 is able to keep an overclocked Core i7 965 processor running at 3.46Ghz to just 55.85C at full load, where stock air-cooling will result in a temperatuer of 79.85C at the same settings.

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