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Corsair One a100 Compact Gaming PC Announced
When you think of Corsair, you might associate the brand as being more of an accessory or peripheral maker of keyboards, headsets, or computer cases, but if you’re after a compact gaming PC, then Corsair could actually be a brand worth considering, especially as the company has since taken the wraps off the Corsair One a100 compact gaming PC.

How To Build A Custom Mechanical Keyboard
If you’ve ever wondered how to get started building your own custom mechanical keyboard, then this is the perfect beginner’s guide for you as we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps that you’ll need to get started.

Corsair’s New Virtuoso RGB SE Gaming Headset Launched
When we think of gaming accessories and peripherals, most of the time they can come off garish where they are made using loud colors, fierce-looking designs, and flashy lights. It can sometimes be a bit tacky which also reduces their versatility. If you agree and you would prefer a much subdued design, you’re in luck.

Corsair Confirms Acquisition Of Origin PC
Corsair confirmed today that it has acquired enthusiast gaming desktop and laptop manufacturer Origin PC. The company says that this acquisition is in line with its aim to reach out to gamers who don’t necessarily want to build their own PC and would rather opt for a one-stop solution which offers them the gaming rigs best suited to their needs.


Corsair's New Gaming Mouse Tracks Its Center Of Gravity In Real-Time
Corsair today announced its new Nightsword RGB gaming mouse design which joins its portfolio of high-performance gaming gadgets. The mouse has an 18,000 DPI sensor in addition to a smart tunable weight system which tracks the current mouse weight and center of gravity in real-time for finer calibration.

Corsair Launches Three New Gaming Mice
#CES2019 – Gaming mice can be found just about everywhere and made by just about everyone. However if Corsair is a brand that you trust and if you are interested in lag-free wireless gaming mice, then perhaps the company might have something that you might want to invest in.

Corsair Is Now Selling Dummy RAM Modules With LED Lights
These days a lot of companies that make computer parts and accessories are introducing LED lights to their products. For example there are LEDs in liquid cooling systems, fans, cases itself, and RAM modules. Usually these kinds of products tend to come with a premium, but what if you wanted the lights minus the costs?

Corsair Unveils New Crystal Series 280X RGB Computer Case
One of fun aspects of building your own PC is being able to pick and choose the various components, such as the motherboard, the RAM, the GPU, and also the case. Some builders might not be fussed about cases, while others want a case that can show off the innards of their builds.

Corsair Announces New Wireless Gaming Peripherals & Accessories
[CES 2018] Wireless keyboard and mice are great when they work, but when they run out of battery, they can be a real hassle. However the good news is that Corsair might have a solution for your wireless woes as the company has recently announced a bunch of new wireless gaming peripherals and accessories.

Corsair Unveils New K68 Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard
Let’s be honest, as much as we probably shouldn’t get food or drinks near our computers, a lot of do that. We drink in front of our computers, we eat in front of our computers, and so on. This means that if you do spill stuff, it can lead to some of your equipment getting spoilt, but Corsair is hoping that won’t happen with the K68.

Corsair Launches A Gaming Chair
Corsair is best known for its enthusiast PC components but its latest product has nothing to do with PC components. Corsair has actually launched a gaming chair and like most gaming chairs, it takes inspiration from a race car seat. Corsair T1 RACE gaming chair has been crafted for comfort and built to last, according to the company, and it joins Corsair’s long list of keyboards, headsets, mice, and mousepads […]

Corsair Unveils Its ‘Corsair One’ Gaming PC
When you think of Corsair, you might think of a company who specializes in creating computer parts, such as RAM, PC cases, keyboards, mice, and so on. However it seems that the company wants to expand their offerings and have since announced the Corsair One, the company’s first complete gaming PC.

Corsair’s Latest Cooling Fans Rely On Maglev Technology
When it comes to building your own computer, one of the things that you should look out for would be how your computer handles heat. Some DIY builders prefer the use of liquid cooling solutions, but if you’d rather not spend the money on a liquid cooling setup, fans are probably your next best bet.

Corsair Lapdog Puts A Keyboard And Mouse On Your Lap
Most of us play PC games on a monitor, but there are some of us who enjoy gaming on larger screens like our TVs which are typically found in the living room. Short of setting up a desk in the middle of your living room for your computer, keyboard, and mouse, how about checking out the recently launched Corsair Lapdog?