Maingear unveils its dual-GPU eX-L 18 gaming laptop

We don’t keep track of all the gaming laptops out there, but we know that Maingearhas launched the 18.4″ eX-L 18 gaming laptop today. Most of its power comes from the dual GeForce GTX 280M setup that should let gamers use the highest resolution and the largest image quality/filtering available in modern games (that’s what SLI is great for).

As you can see, this laptop is quite thick, but read this: you can put three 2.5″ hard drives in a RAID configuration. Now just imagine what that would do with three Intel X25M SSDs… wow. Anyway check it out to see if the performance is worth the bulk and the $3000 price. The specs are in the full post.

  • Windows Vista Premium
  • (Up to) Intel Core 2 Extreme
  • Single or Dual GF GTX 280M
  • (Up to) 8GB RAM, DDR3 1333
  • 18.4″ Display
  • DVD or Blu-Ray

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