AMD latest chip drives 6 displays, might be useful for 10 people on the planet

This morning, AMD demonstrated in grand fanfare its new chip’s ability to drive 6 displays. And because you can pack four graphics cards in a (big) PC, that’s a total of 24 screens at once, driven by a single computer. As a graphics enthusiast, I always enjoy watching technical demos like this. As a consumer, however, I think that it’s pretty useless for most people. Note that the resolution for the tiled setup is “only” 6500×2500, which isa little morethan four 30″ displays in a quad configuration.

The demonstration was done in the contact that AMD seems ready to launch their DX11 chip ahead of Nvidia and that’s where the real excitement is. Check Dean Takahashi‘s video in the full post.

One PC drives 24 displays from Dean Takahashi on Vimeo.

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