Lighthouse SQ7 portable social media device

No idea what the “portable social media device” is, but that is what the Lighthouse SQ7 has been described. This device will dedicate itself to the running of both Facebook and Twitter, where it will rely mainly on its built-in voice recognition engine to get input from the user. The tablet comes with a lovely 7″ touchscreen display at 800 x 480 resolution, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, a Samsung ARM S3C6410 667MHz processor, 128MB RAM and 1GB of internal memory, powered by a 4,500 mAH rechargeable battery which is capable of offering up to 5 hours of non-stop use. Built by Smart Devices while running on Linux Ubuntu, you will find this to be a weird niche device – neither here nor there. Expect the Lighthouse SQ7 to ship from October 7th onwards for $249 a pop.


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