Iron Fist Boxing 3 on iPhone features GL 1.x and GL 2.0
Left: iPhone 3G, right iPhone 3GS with shadows, sweat and bloom.

While many game developers are wondering how to deal with the iPhone 3GS graphics speed bump, Realtech has chosen to divide the (iPhone) world into two: OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL 2.0. In Iron Fist Boxing 3, iPhone 3GS users will benefit from better graphics thanks to bump-mapping and normal-mapping, two rendering techniques that even the PSP does not support. Also, the action is seen through special effects like motion blur and bloom that are very popular on game consoles. If you worry about power consumption and/or want to reach 60fps, you can switch back to Open GL mode on an iPhone 3GS, it will use less power. In this post, I’m just interested by the graphics evolution andas expected, the divide between iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS has just started and it will only grow as developers use more graphics features. As for the game itself, I’ll leave it to other people to play+review, or you can simply get the trial/lite version.I can’t wait to see more GL 2.0 apps(another screenshot+ video in the full post).

Iron Fist Boxing 3 uses OpenGL 2.0 (iPhone Game)

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