iTVGoggles Will Give You A Personal Viewing Experience

Want to have a giant TV that’s just for your own personal viewing? It might sound a little selfish at first, but we’re sure that you’ve thought of it at some point or other before. The iTVGoggles might be able to help you out with that, as this spectacle-like device sports 2 little LCD screens inside the glasses, and when worn, will give you the impression you’re viewing a 50-inch or 80-inch big screen (depending on which model you go for). You’ll get the added benefit of it being able to support 3D movies on the 80-inch screen model, and they also come with stereo ear buds, light shield to protect your viewing experience from bright lights, and can last for about 4-5 hours on a full charge. The iTVGoggles will work on anything that has an AV output, which would include devices such as DVD players, iPod Video, DVR recorders, TiVo, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and all the other stuff in the same categories. The 50-inch model will be going for $180, and the 80-inch model will be going for $310. Do you think it’s good enough to replace your current TV set?

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