Asus UL80JT Boasts A 12-hour Battery Life

[CES 2010] You might have been drooling over the Asus ROG G37Jh high-end notebook during CES, and missed the UL80JT. While this laptop is also powerful, as it boasts an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 310 graphics chip, it’s also energy efficient. This is due to it being able to re-clock its CPU on a second-by-second basis, and well as switch between the Nvidia GeForce 310 and Intel GMA. With all that in place, it boasts an amazing 12-hour battery life, which is rarely ever seen on a notebook, much less a high-powered one (albeit running at lower speeds for battery efficiency). So would you rather go for the raw power of the Asus ROG G37Jh, or the energy efficiency of the UL80JT?

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