Viliv S10 Blade hands-on

[CES 2010] We’ve know that the Viliv S10 Blade has just been announced alongside the S5 and P3, but decided to settle upon the S10 Blade for a hands-on as that seems to be the most blogging-friendly device out of the three. Of course, that depends on whether you are comfortable with an ever shrinking keyboard, or would prefer to have something that somewhat resembles the home desktop experience without compromising on typical netbook characteristics like weight and portability. The long and short of it, we liked the way it handled and looked, although the smaller keyboard does take some getting used to. The black matte finish is also nice to touch as there won’t be any fingerprints left behind, but we would recommend you use the included stylus instead of your finger when navigating the touchscreen display as some tight spots need a stylus as attempts with a finger will just drive you nuts. It won’t look too hot under direct sunlight though as the colors will definitely be washed out and text hard to read, but then again how often are ou going to blog when outdoors? For a full list of specifications, refer to our earlier Viliv S10 Blade post.

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