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Viliv might be a sinking ship
When it comes to the name Viliv, it is definitely not as popular as Apple or Microsoft, but that does not mean the Korean device manufacturer is unable to churn out decent looking hardware. Some of their portable devices have made quite a splash at tradeshows such as CES, including the Viliv N5 Windows-powered computer or the Viliv S5 tablet.Unfortunately, in this increasingly tough dog-eat-dog world, strong competition might have […]

Viliv to feature X7, X10, and X70 tablets at CES 2011
With CES just around the corner, manufacturers out there are busy preparing to showcase their wares, and Viliv is no exception. The company is planning to add some new devices to its tablet lineup by introducing the Viliv X7, X10 and X70 tablets. The X7 will be an ultraportable Android tablet that offers built-in 3G or WiMAX connectivity while the X10 is also an Android-powered device that features a 10-inch […]

Viliv N5 arrives on the FCC, boasts 3G connectivity
Viliv’s ultra mobile computer known as the N5 has finally arrives on the FCC, jumping through all the flaming hoops of fire before it is ready to hit the US market. Just what does it deliver then? Well, it will be powered by an Intel Atom Z520 1.3GHz processor, 1GB RAM, a 4.8-inch LCD touchscreen display at 1024 x 600 resolution which should be enough to handle most common computing […]

Viliv N5 starts to ship in the US
The Viliv N5 is a netbook – sorta, except that it is smaller. This little devil boasts all the specifications found in a regular 10″ netbook, although the only drawback (it depends on your perspective, really) would be a 4.8″ display which is tiny enough to be folded up and placed within your coat pocket. Dynamism is offering it for sale already alongside same day shipping for those with really […]


Dynamism to offer Viliv N5 Stateside very, very soon
Dynamism is the company to refer to if you have been hankering after the Viliv N5 for a long time already, ever since we looked at it at CES 2010 earlier this year. The Viliv N5 might be relatively small with a 4.8″ display, but it is no slouch in terms of performance with a 1,024 x 600 resolution display as well as a QWERTY keyboard to help you churn […]

Viliv X10 10-inch Android Tablet Sports A Nice Display
It’s hard to differentiate between tablet devices nowadays, since they all more or less sport similar specifications. That being said, Viliv does seem to be making an effort to look slightly different with its X10, thanks to the use of a 10-inch capacitive display that offers a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution instead of the more common 1024 x 600. Pricing or release information for the X10 weren’t mentioned, but […]

Viliv P3 Prime Android PMP
Viliv’s media players might not have the lure of Apple’s iPods, but the company is looking to get some support with its Prime P3 media player. While pricing and release date haven’t been mentioned, its specifications do seem to be rather interesting, especially since it has both Android 2.1 and Windows CE 6.0 partitions. Other details include:

Viliv HD5 portable media player arrives in South Korea
It goes without saying that South Korea has highly advanced cellphones not to mention portable media players, and Viliv aims to cater to that market with their premium HD5 model that boasts full HD video playback that ought to look just nice on its 5” WVGA LCD display, although it might not look that hot under direct sunlight or in bright light conditions. The battery is pretty commendable with a […]

Viliv S10 Blade pricing revealed
We spent some time with the Viliv S10 Blade at CES last month and came away pretty impressed by it. Fast forward a month plus and we have news from Dynamism that they will be rolling out the Viliv S10 Blade for $699 upwards. While the S10 does come with 3-point multitouch support, it won’t work out of the box simply because of Microsoft Windows XP Home running on it, […]

Viliv S10 Blade hands-on
[CES 2010] We’ve know that the Viliv S10 Blade has just been announced alongside the S5 and P3, but decided to settle upon the S10 Blade for a hands-on as that seems to be the most blogging-friendly device out of the three. Of course, that depends on whether you are comfortable with an ever shrinking keyboard, or would prefer to have something that somewhat resembles the home desktop experience without […]

Viliv P3 portable media player
Viliv’s latest portable media player effort, the P3, might be mistaken for an iPod touch from afar due to the small square located at the bottom, but there are some visual differences as you get closer. The P3 comes with a 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen device with 800 x 480 resolution, where it is full well capable of supporting 1,280 x 720p HD video playback as well as 720p MKV movie […]

Viliv N5 netbook
Take a look at the Viliv N5 and tell us it doesn’t resemble the Sony Vaio P that was unveiled at CES last year. The N5, after all, is powered by an Intel Atom Z520 1.3GHz processor albeit running on a more advanced operating system – Windows 7 Home Premium. You get 32GB of storage space within in the form of an SSD, while GPS navigation turns this into a […]

Viliv S10 Blade to cut down the competition
Viliv has a brand new UMPC for the masses in the form of the S10 Blade, and while we do not yet have details such as its pricing, we do know that the S10 Blade looks rather sweet, being a Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium-powered convertible netbook that features a 10.1″ multitouch display at 1,366 x 768 resolution. No word on an active digitizer, so it remains to be seen […]

Viliv HD5 portable media player
The portable media player market is set to receive yet another member in the form of the VIliv HD5 which naturally, features a 5″ LCD full touchscreen display at 800 x 480 resolution. You get HDMI out just in case you want to transport your full HD movies on the HD5, where other features include an SDHC memory card slot and T-DMB/DAB capability. Depending on your budget, you can choose […]

Viliv X70EX MID now available in US
Viliv has released its X70EX MID in the US, where it will come with a 7″ touchscreen display. Newegg currently sells a trio of X70EX models, ranging from the basic X70EX Express P that is powered by the Intel Atom Z515 1.2GHz processor and a 16GB SSD, while the X70EX Premium P will have a speedier Intel Atom Z520 1.33GHz processor and a 32GB SSD. As for the X70EX Premium […]