Wearable health monitoring sensor

WIN Human Recorder Co. Ltd. of Japan has rolled out a brand new health monitoring service which utilizes a sensor network to function. The user will need to wear a small, portable sensor that is attached to the body, where details of its readings can be easily accessed via a cellphone or a computer. Dubbed the “human recorder system,” it will be able to measure electrocardiographic signals, heart rate, brain waves, accelerated velocity, body temperature, respiration and pulse wave among others. A single CR2032 battery is able to keep it going for up to four days while using 2.4GHz wireless connectivity to transmit its data, making it a whole lot more convenient to remotely monitor the health condition of an elderly person who stays far away from a healthcare provider or assistant. The service might cost up to $111 monthly for software rental, while the sensor itself will retail north of $300 after conversion.

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