Liquid-adhesion device grants you Spider-Man powers

Let’s have a show of hands here – how many of you out there wished you were bitten by a radioactive spider (and survive the ordeal) only to be endowed with Spider-Man’s powers? Well, we believe that many people wished they were the webslinger during their childhood, but that fantasy could soon become a reality thanks to Cornell University researchers who claim to have developed a palm-size liquid-adhesion device which allows one to cling onto walls in the same manner as Spider-Man. As with many scientific advances, this one was also inspired by nature, using bonding methods that were found in a beetle native to Florida which allowed it to stick to a leaf’s surface via wet adhesion even with a force 100 times its own weight. Well, you can’t remain “sticky” all the time, so good thing the boffins there have come up with the “Switchable Electronically Controlled Capillary Adhesion Device” that is basically an On/Off switch.


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