Nintendo 3DS Goes Official And Will Offer 3D Gaming

It seems that the long-awaited update for the Nintendo DSi will come in the form of the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re wondering that name means, it’s not hinting at a portable gaming console with 3 displays, rather the next Nintendo portable console will offer 3D gaming, and you won’t need those pesky 3D glasses. The 3DS might be a temporary name, as it hasn’t been set in stone yet, but at least it’s an easy-to-remember name. Nintendo has already confirmed backwards compatibility with the current crop of Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, and the console will be revealed at the E3 gaming conference in June, and is slated to hit stores in March 2011. Are you looking forward to 3D gaming on your portable gaming console?

Additional information from Nintendo [PDF link]

Note: The picture above is not the Nintendo 3DS.

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