G-mate Gun Overlord magnetic dynamic gun

The G-mate Gun Overlord magnetic dynamic gun is different from all the other gaming rifles you’ve seen to date simply because it is touted to be much more sensitive than its competitors. Being a plug-and-play device, all you need to do is plug in the wireless receiver into a USB port without the need to install any drivers, enabling you to move the control cursor freely by pointing the G-mate just like how a standard computer mouse would operate. This lets you enjoy video games across multiple surfaces while tracking the character’s point-of-view in 3D space. It works with any new FPS games and has an operating range of 10 meters, relying on 2.4GHz wireless technology to prevent any signal delay that could hamper your gaming session. It is priced at around $73 wholesale, making this one of the more expensive gaming peripherals that you just can’t buy on impulse.

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