Geminoid-F Robot Is One Realistic Looking Robot

You may have heard of Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, the man who came up with the Geminoid, a robot that looks exactly like him. Now he’s back again with the Geminoid-F, which is a female robot. The robot is designed to mimic human facial expressions, and has been tested in hospitals, where patients apparently told the researchers that the robot’s smiling presence was reassuring. The robot will cost you a good 10 million Yen ($110,000), but if you’re really into robots, this is certainly peanuts, compared to the cost of researching and building your own robot. Of course, the folks most likely to get one of these are the folks over at robotics research organizations (we hope). Check out a video of the Geminoid-F in action (not saving the world) after the jump.

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