Google Will Fix Flaw That Prevents Android Devices Formatting 32GB Cards

This might not be the issue for all users out there, as not everybody uses a 32GB microSD card, possibly due to price. But if you’ve recently tried formatting a 32GB microSD card on Google’s Nexus One, or another Android phone, chances are that you weren’t able to do so. The issue has been raised before, and Google has confirmed the issue, saying that it has been fixed, and will be part of the next over-the-air (OTA) update, though there wasn’t a specific time given as to when the update will be offered. Google still lists the Nexus One as being able to support microSD cards up to 32GB in capacity on its specifications page. If you’re currently experiencing this issue and can’t wait for the update, a simple workaround would be to plug the card into a computer that has a memory card slot and format it on the computer instead.

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