Nintendo 3DS Design: Hot or Not?

Nintendo promised that games on the next Nintendo hardware could be enjoyed in (stereo) 3D without glasses. That sounds nice, but right now, we’re more interested in knowing what kind of hardware hides beneath this pair of high-resolution displays (the rumors say 720p displays, but that seems exaggerated). What is more likely, is that Nintendo’s use of a “sensor” (understand: a camera?) to track users’ head motion will probably enable developers to adapt the stereo 3D content as we move. Nintendo’s president also implied that it would come with a motion sensor similar to what the iPhone has. Since October of last year, the word on the street is that NVIDIA will be the provider of the next Nintendo handheld, but at the moment, there’s no official word on this and without seeing any demos or theoretical performance numbers, nothing is certain — but that would rock if Tegra 2 was inside. Do you think that Nintendo can pull the “3D without glasses” thing off? What do you think of the design above?

The concept pictured here is not an official Nintendo Image. It has been created by Olivier Demangel, a CG artist who was already behind this Qwerty iPhone concept for Ubergizmo.

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