Cisco Announces Agreement To Acquire Moto Development Group

Cisco has announced its agreement with MOTO Development Group to acquire the company. MOTO has already been working with Cisco on some of its home devices, such as the Flip video recorders. The acquisition brings more than 35 consultants with a proven track record to Cisco, helping the company rapidly enhance its consumer product development road map. Aside from the Flip camcorders, you can be sure that the networking giant plans to have MOTO work on products such as the routers from its Valet series, as well as its Linksys brand. The price of the acquisition wasn’t mentioned, but the deal should be included by the end of the Cisco’s fiscal year 2010. Do you think that Cisco’s Flip camcorders have been designed well, or are you groaning when you imagine what the future Linksys products will look like?


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