MSI ExpressCard Graphics Upgrade Solution

Most netbooks out there aren’t made to handle graphic intensive jobs, and games are generally a no-no, both due to processor and graphics performance limitations. MSI has a solution that it thinks will be able to help you tackle the graphics issue, and that’s its upcoming MSI GUS (Graphics Upgrade Solution). This card is hooked up to a netbook (or notebook) via a ExpressCard slot. MSI seems to have noticed that ExpressCard slots aren’t that common, and the company already has plans to churn out a USB 3.0 version of its GUS down the road. the MSI GUS will be priced at $100 for just the enclosure, but if you want a unit that comes bundled with a graphics card, you’ll have to shell out close to $200. Thanks to it, you also get multi-monitor support, allowing you to connect up to three monitors to your netbook, in addition to the netbook’s own display. The MSI GUS is expected to be showcased at Computex next week.

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