GPUs are in high demand these days, not just by gamers, but people who need the processing power to do things like mine cryptocurrency. This is why if you’re having a hard time trying to get your hands on a high-end GPU, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, it seems that those shortages have just gotten worse.

This is because according to a report, it appears that MSI’s factory over in China was recently robbed where the robbers made off with close to $340,000 worth of GPUs. The GPUs in question are the NVIDIA RTX 3090, which MSI is one of the companies that makes them. The company has since filed a police report and are offering $15,000 as a reward for anyone who can come forward with useful information on where the stolen goods might be.

The company also claims that their factories are secured with video cameras, and that trucks that come in and out of the area are frequently inspected. As a result, they believe that this could have been an inside job, and that they will be offering clemency for any participant in the robbery who comes forward with useful information that could help them locate the missing goods.

That being said, we’re not sure if the company will be successful in retrieving the stolen items. This is because of the popularity of these GPUs in which the robbers will most definitely have no problems getting rid of them pretty fast.

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