A lot of laptops these days continue to use LCD screens. One of the reasons why laptop makers aren’t hurrying to hop onto the OLED bandwagon is because of cost, where larger OLED displays will no doubt cost more compared to the smaller ones found on our phones, but that being said, there are some who are making the transition.

In fact, it seems that MSI might have everyone beat as the company has taken the wraps off its new MSI Creator 17 laptop, which according to MSI, is the world’s first laptop to use a mini LED display. The laptop comes with a 17-inch screen and a 4K resolution, and combine that with the mini LED tech, it should result in some pretty crisp and rich colors.

As TNW notes, mini LEDs effectively push the limits of LCD technology, as opposed to micro LEDs which function more like OLED panels on our phones. What this does is that it allows the laptop’s display to selectively turn off backlighting on certain parts of the screen, which in turn creates deeper blacks and concentrated whites.

While this tech can be found on higher-end LCD TVs, to port it to a laptop would have resulted in a rather bulky design, but that’s where mini LEDs come in, where it shrinks the tech so that it will not be so big and heavy.

In terms of the specs of the laptop, we’re looking at an Intel Core-i7 10875H chipset, 16-32GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of NVMe storage. There will also be options for the GPU such as an NVIDIA RTX2060 or an RTX2080 Super Max-Q. For those who are interested, the MSI Creator 17 will be priced starting at $1,799 and will go up depending on your configuration.

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