OZAKI iMini Cute IP830RAINBOW iPod dock

When you take a look at the OZAKI iMini Cute IP830RAINBOW iPod dock from Japan, chances are you would be half-expecting to find a pot of gold at the end of the line. Why so? After all, they come in a range of rainbow colors that will definitely appeal to those of you out there who love something to brighten up your room, and why not do it with a combination of good music from your iPod on a dock that comes in a color other than drab black? Features include an integrated FM radio, a built-in speaker, a 2″ full range driver unit and amp, and an LCD display. Apart from that, it can also double up as an alarm clock and connect to other compatible devices via its Line IN port. It works out to around $75 after conversion as it hits the Land of the Rising Sun this May 15th. Expect it to ship to your doorstep via postman riding on a unicorn, eh?

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