Allgo Embedded Systems unveil $50 STAMP tablet

Remember the $35 tablet that the Indian government promised to deliver? While it is a good year away from its targeted delivery date (which can change at a moment’s notice, mind you), Bangalore-based Allgo Embedded Systems has come up with a prototype of their own tablet which is touted to cost approximately $50. Yes, the STAMP tablet will be Android- or Linux-powered (to keep the costs down, and with the rising popularity of the open source operating system, why not?) while featuring a 7″ touchscreen display. No further information was revealed, but it seems that the STAMP can be lowered to $45 retail if 100,000 units were manufactured, slashing another $5 off the sticker price is the manufactured units were to be increased tenfold. Could 2010/2011 be the year the tablet device hits mainstream consciousness?

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