HP Mini 5103 to come thanks to HP service manual

A netbook used to be a casual computing device, but it seems that the market has evolved to break down the netbook market into further segments such as a luxury class as well as the business crowd. The HP Mini 5103 is one such model which falls under the latter, where it will closely resemble its predecessors by featuring an aluminum and magnesium alloy, all-metal case. Other features include a 7200RPM hard drive (you can throw in an optional solid state disk if you want to), a high resolution display or a capacitive touchscreen display, with the addition of a Broadcom Crystal HD video decoder if you want to. You can be sure that the HP Mini 5103 is speedier compared to its previous models though, sporting an Intel Atom N455 or N475 processor – this means DDR3 RAM is supported as well for better performance. The service manual for the HP Mini 5103 has been spotted, and in there it will was mentioned that a dual core 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 processor is also available. Expect to see it hit the market pretty soon then.

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