DTV Shredder militarized skateboard

Joining the military is a vocation that one should take seriously, since it helps a country sleep under a blanket of security at night. Well, some of the benefits from the military would be playing with cool “big boys’ toys” when you’ve reached a certain status within select departments, but the DTV Shredder would be something we would like to see all ordinary footsoldiers get to keep themselves occupied during the more boring moments at an outpost. This unique half skateboard, half tracked mode of transportation is powered by a on-board 15 horsepower motor, where it is full well capable of transporting up to 1,200 pounds of stuff while hitting a top speed of 30mph. Heck, it can even attack 40-degree slopes on its two caterpillar tracks without missing a beat, although we’d hate to be crushed by over a thousand pounds of load if we lose balance while on it. Described as “ideal for reconnaissance, rescue/recovery, mobile surveillance, and medical evacuation operations”, the DTV Shredder is not ordinary mode of transport. We’re quite sure no Ninja Turtle will be able to stand up to this Shredder, as you can see it in action after the jump.


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