Nintendo Blocks Piracy Flashcards With Firmware Update

Piracy is always going to be a sore point for the game industry, and Nintendo has quietly released a firmware update this week for its DSi portable gaming console. The update seems to have targeted flashcards, which are small cartridges which allow users to play homebrew and pirated games. The use of such cards is open to debate, as it has already been banned in Japan, the UK, and Australia. The latest 1.4.1U firmware update blocks the Acekard 2i, DSTTi, iPlayer, M3i Zero, Supercard DSTwo, EZ-Flash Vi, ismart DS, Hyper R4i and other similar cards from working. Of course, the good news is that the flashcards can also receive firmware updates, so they might be updated with a new firmware to circumvent Nintendo’s protection again, but we’ll have to wait and see what crops up next. In the meantime, the cat and mouse game continues…


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