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FCC Chairman Vows To Investigate U.S. Cellphone Unlocking Ban
On January 26, it was deemed illegal for those in the U.S. to unlock their cellphones to be used on any wireless carrier they choose, which resulted in a White House petition to be created, receiving over 100,000 signatures, meaning we should be hearing an official response from them in the near future.FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski caught wind of consumers’ outrage, and has voiced his concerns on the topic saying the “ban […]

Comcast Offers Glimpse Into Copyright Alert System Messages
We reported a few days ago some big-name ISPs would begin incorporating the Copyright Alert System (CAS) into their systems, which would send out alerts to users who they believe may have download copyrighted material through “peer-to-peer” services.  Verizon and Comcast have already activated the service yesterday, with AT&T, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable expected to activate the CAS soon.Ars Technica requested some examples of the messages they expect to send […]

ISPs Adopt Alert System To Warn Users of Illegal Downloads
If you’re a person who downloads torrents on a regular basis, you might want to watch what you do from today on as Internet service providers will begin cracking down on users who download copyrighted material.The Copyright Alert System (CAS) will be used by AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon and will allow for content creators to send notices to ISPs that include a list of people who […]

Modern Warfare 3 gets pirated, Activision dishes out fines of $5,000
With Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 expected to be released on the 8th of November, it seems that there are reports that some of the discs have been stolen from its shipping warehouse in Fresno, California and has already been making its way around the internet as well as being delivered to some users’ homes as pirated discs.


Criminals find use for 3D printers
3D printers are great, they have its practical uses and it has its novelty uses, and lately criminals seem to have found malicious use for 3D printers as well. This isn’t really new as back in September, criminals managed to steal more than $400,000 from ATMs using ATM skimmers (which are fitted over ATM card slots and are used to steal debit/credit card information).

1TB hard drive of pirated content is considered "art"
As technology is starting to become integrated more and more in our daily lives, the line that separates art and technology is starting to blur. So much so we’ve started calling computers with top of the line specs to be “pieces of art”, but perhaps this 1TB hard drive that’s being displayed on Art 404’s gallery with its own pedestal and all.

15 year old teen in Sweden on trial for downloading movies via torrents
Downloading movies via torrents is illegal and pretty much everybody knows that, although if it’s “just” for personal use, perhaps a warning or some kind of incremental sanction might be enough to send the message, right? Turns out a teacher in Sweden decided to go all out and reported a student for illegally downloading movies via torrents, which has resulted in the 15-year old teenager possibly seeing jail time of […]

Verizon looks into illegal tethering
Verizon Wireless wants to crack down on folks who perform illegal tethering on their devices – making subscribers wonder just how much control do they have over their data plan actually. If you happen to fall under the category of using unofficial apps to help you “tether illegally”, then you might want to sit up and take notice – as Verizon is pulling out all the stops to make sure […]

AT&T stops unlimited data for illegal tetherers
All good things must come to an end, and if you see yourself being an illegal tetherer on the iPhone over AT&T’s network as a good thing, that, my friend, is going to have its curtain drawn down as well. Ma Bell will be removing unlimited plans for users who jailbreak their iPhones in order to tether off AT&T’s unlimited data plans. Check out what an AT&T spokesperson has to […]

Facebook facial recognition declared illegal in Germany
Despite Facebook recently making it easier to opt out of facial recognition photo tagging, it looks like the social network is still taking heat for its service. Germany has just declared the feature as a violation of “the right to anonymity” – which means that Facebook in its current state is now illegal in the country. Facebook has two weeks to make sufficient changes – by making it easier for […]

Mayor of Vilnius uses a tank to crush illegally parked cars
If you’re in charge of a country that has a major issue with following the road rules, especially when it comes to parking what do you do? Issue tickets that people can just pay off and continue breaking the law? Well, if you want to take things up a notch, you can always give the public a demonstration to remember – and that’s what the mayor of Vilnius, capital city […]

Sites that link to illegal files are legal in Spain
Anybody here a fan of “music blogs”? Yeah, those websites that post links to file sharing websites like Mega Upload or Rapidshare for people to download music illegally for free. No you don’t have to answer the question, but in the future it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of those sites – provided those webmasters decide to host them in Spain. According to the latest reports online, […]

Apple files and drops lawsuit against white iPhone 4 kit-selling teen
Remember the white iPhone 4 kits we featured awhile ago? Yes the ones even Steve Wozniak himself was famous for purchasing. Last year it was rumored that Apple would be taking action against the 17 year old boy, Fei Lam, for his crimes. Today, it has been reported that Apple did in fact take action against him – and his family for encouraging the activity. But It was also reported […]

Nintendo Blocks Piracy Flashcards With Firmware Update
Piracy is always going to be a sore point for the game industry, and Nintendo has quietly released a firmware update this week for its DSi portable gaming console. The update seems to have targeted flashcards, which are small cartridges which allow users to play homebrew and pirated games. The use of such cards is open to debate, as it has already been banned in Japan, the UK, and Australia. […]