Zamzee Activity Tracker Hopes to Combat Obesity in Children

HopeLab is entering a beta test of its Zamzee activity tracker that’s geared for teens and children to help the youth market track fitness activities in an effort to combat childhood obesity. The Zamzee is a fitness tracker equipped with a three-axis accelerometer that can track any activity so youths can get their exercise in whatever form they please. HopeLab recognizes that unlike the adult market, which has access to exercise equipment and the gym, youths may not have a focused workout routine so the Zamzee can track walking, jumping, or whatever calorie burning routine your kids partake in. To encourage better fitness, there’s also a webpage that will sync with the clip-on activity tracker and will track progress, much like how Nike+ integrates with its workout page, and will reward youths for their progress with either virtual or physical goods, turning fitness into a positive game and routine.

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