CTL 2go Classmate PC E11 rugged notebook introduced

CTL, the name behind the super affordable notebook for students in developing countries, has just introduced yet another notebook. As you know by now, young children who do not know any better could have fingers that are of a larger destructive force than that of a typhoon (figuratively speaking, of course), so passing them sensitive electronics to simply play around with isn’t exactly the best idea. Well, CTL’s latest release, the 2go Classmate PC E11 rugged netbook will be based on earlier Intel Classmate PC reference designs, albeit receiving a processor bump to include an Intel Atom N455 chip as well as the option for 3G mobile broadband connectivity just in case little Johnny wants to update his Facebook account wherever daddy brings him.

At $445 a pop for the base model, it is rather pricey for a netbook, but do consider other “hidden” features such as a water resistant display and keyboard alongside a shock-mounted hard drive that ought to withstand the rigors of young hands. Not only that, there is a retractable handle that lets you tote around this netbook in a similar manner to that of a briefacse. Expect the CTL 2go Classmate PC E11 to ship with Windows 7 Starter Edition, 1GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive. Of course, if you’re feeling a little bit flush this holiday season, there is always the option to up the ante by including a solid state drive (SSD), double the amount of RAM and upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional with a dash of cash.

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