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Galaxy S8 Active Review
The Galaxy S8 Active was released in August 2017 and was initially targeted at the high-end rugged phones market. At publishing time, the Galaxy S8 Active was priced at USD 849 (exclusively from AT&T). Even if this product was created to address the high-end market, the reality is that many products will shift segments as their price are pushed down over the years.

Xplore XC6 Series Rugged Tablet Takes In Any Punishment
Owning a tablet is nothing new, just about any Tom, Dick and Harry will be able to carry a tablet around considering how ridiculous some of the pricing details are these days (I’m referring to the China-made clones), although there will always be the premium segment of iPads and the ilk. However, tablets are not the most hardy of consumer electronics devices out there, which is why the Xplore XC6 […]

Caterpillar Announces B15 Rugged Android Smartphone
Names like Casio and Caterpillar are ones that you typically do not associate with smartphones, but they have in the past released rugged devices designed for customers who work in harsh environments. Well if you’re looking to replace your current phone with a more rugged one, Caterpillar has something you might want to take a look at. The company, in collaboration with Bullitt Mobile, has announce the B15 Android smartphone […]

Runbo X3, The Rambo of smartphones
With a similar-sounding name to John Rambo, the Chinese-made Runbo X3 is one tough and rugged Android phone. Sporting a look that is more walkie-talkie than phone, Runbo X3 is encased in a waterproof case with IP67 rating, which should make it water resistant for up to three feet and protect the internal components from dust. It also sports walkie-talkie feature that is functional for up to 6 miles away […]


Caterpillar CAT B15 Rugged Android Jelly Bean Phone Announced
Rugged mobile devices have been saving a number of adventurers or those whose occupation involves a lot of mud, water and dust the burden of having to buy a completely new device once theirs becomes a victim of their lifestyle. Caterpillar revealed the CAT B10 last year around this time, and today, they’re announcing its successor, the CAT B15.Just like the CAT B10, the CAT B15 is built to last […]

Dell Latitude E6430 ATG
Today, Dell is refreshing its business computers lineup, namely the OptiPlex Series and the Latitude Series. The Dell Latitude E6430 ATG is a 14-inch rugged notebook powered by a third generation Intel processor (although Dell did not mention it, it is highly probable) and packed in a Tri-Metal armored casing that features an anodized aluminum display back, magnesium alloy wrapped corners, steel hinges, and a powder-coated base.As expected, the device […]

Caterpillar announces CAT B10 rugged Android smartphone
Some of you guys in the construction industry might be familiar with the Caterpillar brand, but interestingly it seems that the company might be thinking of expanding into a new market entirely by announcing the Caterpillar CAT B10 Android smartphone, and as you might have expected from a construction company, the CAT B10 has been designed as a rugged device.

GammaTech Durabook R13C Convertible Notebook launched
Fans of durable notebooks rejoice – GammaTech has just announced the launch of its latest Durabook, the R13C. An upgraded version of the R13S, the rugged convertible notebook features Military Standard 810G certification for drop, shock, and spill protection, plus explosive atmosphere, salt, fog, and freeze/thaw standards – basically you’ll be hard-pressed to find a location where this notebook won’t work in. In addition to military standard certification, the Durabook […]

Motorola Defy+ gets JCB treatment, becomes even more rugged
The Motorola Defy+ is a rugged phone, in fact the name itself seems to suggest that the phone will be able to “defy” physical trauma, but in case you felt that it wasn’t “defiant” or rugged enough, JCB, a company that specializes in construction, demolition and agricultural equipment, has teamed up with Motorola to produce an additional layer of “armor” for the phone.

Verizon and Casio unveils the rugged G'zOne Ravine 2 phone
If you’re in the market for a rugged phone, and you’re not too fussed about whether it’s running on iOS or Android, Verizon and Casio may have the answer for you in the form of the Casio G’zOne Ravine 2, which is a military specced rugged flip phone where the main focus is on its ruggedness, rather than its smartphone capabilities (if there are any at all).

G-Form enclosed iPad survives a 1,300 foot drop
G-Form has recently released a video where they showed off how tough their cases are, and it looks like they have taken it to a new extreme by dropping two iPads while skydiving, essentially making that a drop of about 1,300 feet. Since we’re here talking about it, it’s obvious that both iPads managed to survive the drop.

Oregon unveils ATC Mini waterproof camera
If you’re into the outdoors and you’re looking for a rugged little camera to record your adventures, Oregon has unveiled the ATC Mini, which they are claiming is the lightest waterproof camera on the market today, weighing in at just 70 grams.

Panasonic ToughPad Android-Powered Rugged Tablet
Since Panasonic is well known for its ToughBook lineup of ultra rugged laptops that can survive the craziest weather conditions and environments, it comes as no surprise that the company has designed two Android-powered rugged tablets (7” and 10”) to complete the ToughBook offering.The 10” Toughpad A1, powered by Marvell 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor and Android 3.2, boasts a high brightness, 10.1 XGA capacitive, multi-touch, daylight-viewable screen (500 nits anti-reflective […]

Huawei collaborates with Discovery Channel for Huawei-Discovery Expedition handset
Huawei has collaborated with Red Bull in the past to introduce the RBM HD rugged handset, which is otherwise known as the Impulse for AT&T. It looks like that collaboration is back, but this time instead of Red Bull, Huawei has teamed up with the Discovery Channel to introduce the Huawei-Discovery Expedition phone, which considering the shows and programs that the Discovery Channel puts out, is a rather fitting name.

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme and DriveStation Axis Velocity external hard drives
If you’re in the market for new external hard drives, Buffalo has just announced two new external hard drive models – the MiniStation Extreme and the DriveStation Axis Velocity, both of which will support the USB 3.0 standard, allowing fast transfer rates assuming of course your computer has USB 3.0 ports to begin with.

ASUS TOUGH shows up in Japan, headed to KDDI
Earlier we had reported that Japan carrier KDDI had plans to release several phones as part of the Winter lineup, and that the Kyocera Digno ISW11K was one of the devices listed. However, not content with just launching smartphones and feature phones, part of that lineup will also include the ASUS TOUGH ETBW11AA.

iPhone 4 Action Case lets you record your extreme sport stunts
If you’re an extreme sports fanatic and would like to capture yourself performing death defying jumps and tricks from your point of view, there’s a good chance you’ll probably have to invest in some pretty expensive gear. However if all you have on you is an iPhone 4 and $50 to spare, perhaps this Action Case could be just what you need while on a budget.

NEC launches ShieldPRO N22G rugged PC
Japan seems to love rugged devices, what with the Fujitsu Arrows waterproof tablet that was announced about a month ago, and now it looks like yet another rugged device for the Japanese market has surfaced in the form of the NEC ShieldPRO N22G rugged PC. It was made available in Japan today and based on its looks, we’re guessing it’s probably going to appeal to a rather niche market.

Sonim XP5300 Force 3G to arrive in Europe soon
Sonim Technologies, the name behind the world’s toughest phone, will be working to roll out the XP5300 Force 3G in Europe. This is an ultra-rugged handset that will target hard hat-wearing workers who plunge themselves into extreme and remote environments each time they go to their “office”, or even for folks who just love spending time outdoors and do not want to fret or worry about their phone.The Sonim XP5300 […]

Motorola Admiral caught on camera
Back in early August we reported that some of Sprint’s upcoming handsets had been leaked in name, and one of those devices was the Motorola Admiral, whose photos and specs have just surfaced.