Smartphones have gotten more and more powerful these days, so it is not surprising to see them feature better and better games, sporting superior graphics even to the Nintendo DS (but certainly not losing out to the Sony PSP either), and have grown to be complex enough to deliver a decent and engaging gaming experience. Dungeon Defenders is a prime example, targeting Android-powered devices (newer ones are recommended, as older models like the Incredible or Droid would suffer from the lack of processing muscle) by being the first Unreal Engine game for Android. Touted to deliver the best 3D graphics most folks have ever seen on an Android phone, Dungeon Defenders will see a mish mash of tower defense gameplay and action-RPG elements. The $2.99 price tag attached to it makes it all the more worth it, considering you get 600MB worth of gaming goodness. Of course, iOS device owners have been enjoying Dungeon Defenders for a while now, so it is nice to see Android owners get some love, too.

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