Epic Games announced today that it is starting development on a new Unreal Tournament game. The development will be focused on Windows, Mac and Linux by a “small team of Unreal Tournament veterans.” UT fans will appreciate that when this game is finally ready and released, it will be available for free.

The open source development will lean on Unreal Engine 4 and will be a “collaboration between Epic, UT frans and UE 4 developers.” It is unclear right now exactly how much time will be required for development. Epic itself says that it may take “many months” to create a workable product. Who knows who long a full fledged game will take.

One might ask how the developer is going to make money off the new Unreal Tournament game if its going to be offered for free. Its going to implement a new system that’s similar to in-app purchases on mobile games. There will be a marketplace in which developers, players and artists can “buy and sell mods and content.” All proceeds will be split between Epic and the content’s creator. The first version of the new Unreal Tournament game won’t have this marketplace. Epic says it will be added “eventually.”

Epic also plans to reach out to developers and modders through Twitch streams and forums so it will be really interesting to see the development phase of this game progress.

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