We all know about High Definition (HD) video, but how about voice? Are your ears as sharp as your eyes? Well, just in case you were scratching your head and thinking just how much better it is compared to non-HD voice enabled phones, you basically have to hear it to believe it. In order to do so, we have a short 2-minute plus video of Martin Stanford from Sky News making a phone call from a HD voice-enabled Nokia phone as well as a competitor’s phone for comparison, where the latter painfully misses out on HD voice. Needless to say, the difference is pretty stark, and Andrew Warner from Orange has a parting shot concerning non-HD voice technology, “We’ve squeezed more speech information into our network. So at the moment, with normal phone calling, only a very small portion of your voice is actually transmitted, which makes it actually quite hard to hear phone calls. That means background noise is more of a problem. What were doing now is using a much cleverer system. So we can use the same resource on the system, but actually squeeze more of your voice into it.” Will you appreciate HD voice in your phone calls, and how much do you think carriers will charge for such a feature?

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