[CES 2011] They should just call CES 2011 as “Attack of the Tablets”, and someone might want to come up with an Angry Steve game which sees Steve Jobs throw his iPad at all the other tablets being on offer who are waiting to knock the iPad off its lofty perch in terms of ease-of-use and desirability. Jokes aside, here’s yet another model that hails from the south of the US – the Mexico-hailed Meebox. This device will side with Windows 7 instead (Home Premium edition), sporting some pretty high end specifications such as a 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM, a 5-hour battery life, an SD memory card slot, an 11.6” display, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, USB 2.0, and HDMI. Of course, with HDMI, you can always hook this puppy up to a HDTV and watch everything on a larger display. GPS navigation support is also thrown into the mix, apart from 3G connectivity. There is a 1.3-megapixel webcam on the outside which lets you hold video calls from the comfort of your desk, and everything you read about up there is crammed into a 990 gram body. According to the manufacturer, an Intel Atom N450 processor runs everything, so making us wonder whether those this is going to be worth checking out since it won’t be able to support 3D gaming and video decoding/encoding. Pricing details are not available as at press time, but mention of the 64GB SSD inside alone would place this out of reach of most regular Joes, who will probably look for other tablets anyways.


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