Now this piece of news could certainly send shares of Motorola south – assuming it is correct, of course. We’re talking about select units of the Droid Bionic and Atrix 4G suffering from a power management fault which cannot be fixed – and that would surely lead to the smartphones overheating even if they’re idle, which isn’t good news at all. Trusted source kbman at HowardForums claims that his contacts involved in testing the smartphones did mention that such issues could also affect radio performance among other things (you don’t say!).

“The problem has to do with the PMU and causes a variety of issues including severe overheating even while at idle, power fluctuations affecting RF performance and cold boot issues.”

Is this problem really unfixable as thought by certain quarters? Hopefully that this flaw, whether it is hardware engineering or otherwise, will be able to be fixed sooner rather than later. You can be sure that as word gets out and if it be the truth, sales of both devices will naturally grind to a halt.

Publisher‘s note: although interesting to discuss, this “fatal problem” seems to be hyper-hyped to stir drama and controversy. Granted, Motorola is not perfect, but this seems a bit “over the top”. Most likely, the phones will come out and won’t melt in your hands.

Update: Motorola has confirmed that both devices would ship on time, and without any of these issues.

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