It seems that being an early adopter in the world of consumer electronics is pretty much akin to taking a huge risk or entering a lottery – you could end up being a winner or loser, depending on how the device fares. The Notion Ink Adam tablet falls under the loser segment for a select few early adopters who have already started to vent their frustration concerning issues on their tablets as well as Notion Ink customer support. Some others have complained about the tablet’s build quality (as we pointed out in the FCC teardown), not to mention the lack of support from Notion Ink as well as screen quality issues despite using a vaunted Pixel Qi display that seems to show off a “vapor pattern”. Well, hopefully Notion Ink will address these issues sooner rather than later before the Adam gets buried – perhaps it has already eaten the proverbial apple and is destined for nothing but doom and gloom?

Update: As our commentators have pointed out, only an extremely select few of Adam tablet owners experienced such problems, but on the whole, the Adam has received some pretty glowing remarks and bouquets. We apologize for having sounded as though the Adam is an outright failure from the start and is not to be touched with a 10-foot pole.

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