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Notion Ink Adam 2 tablet announced
Looking forward to the sequel tablet to the Adam from Notion Ink? Well it looks like the tablet is in its planning stages. The folks over at Notion Ink have announced on its blog its new partnership with Texas instruments for its next generation Adam 2 tablets. The Adam 2 will be using an OMAP44xx processor along with other Texas Instruments components like Wi-Link 7.0 and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers.The […]

Notion Ink releases Eden 1.5 update for Adam tablet
Remember the Gingerbread update that Notion Ink promised for the Adam tablet in late April? Well it’s finally here. The major update for the Notion Ink Adam started rolling out this Monday, and should be reaching everybody’s devices by now. According to the Notion Ink blog, customers should be getting email instructions about how to update the tablet manually in the event you didn’t get any notification to download the […]

Notion Ink promises Android 2.3 Gingerbread for Adam
Notion Ink’s Adam tablet might have faded away from the limelight since its launch, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t keeping it updated. In their latest blogpost, they have announced that the Adam will be receiving a major update in the near future.

Notion Ink Adam tablet early adopters are disappointed
It seems that being an early adopter in the world of consumer electronics is pretty much akin to taking a huge risk or entering a lottery – you could end up being a winner or loser, depending on how the device fares. The Notion Ink Adam tablet falls under the loser segment for a select few early adopters who have already started to vent their frustration concerning issues on their […]


Notion Ink operating system ported to Viewsonic G-Tablet
For those of you who are keen on trying out the modified version of Android (Eden) used in Notion Ink’s Adam tablet – good news, you can do it without having to purchase the tablet itself. The folks over at XDA-developers have managed to port the operating system out of the Notion Ink and onto a Viewsonic G-Tablet. While you won’t have the pixel Qi screen or the fancy swivel […]

Notion Ink update bricks the Adam
Sometimes it’s better not to rush out to get a product when it first launches, just like the early-adopters of Notion Ink Adam recently experienced. An over the air update for their Android tablet has been reported to brick the device, resulting in a large number of customers getting in touch with Notion Ink customer support. This caused Notion Ink to pull the update off the air until they can […]

Notion Ink Adam tablet ready to ship
Notion Ink’s Adam tablet has had some trouble getting itself into the hands of eager buyers but there is some good news for folks who decided to put down money for the device. Reports are in that the company has finally managed to get the issue of the FCC ID codes sorted out and the device is now being shipped. With many folks even claiming that the tablet was vaporware, […]

Notion Ink Adam tablet unboxed by developer
With all the negative press that has surrounded Notion Ink’s Adam tablet launch, some folks were already beginning to wonder if it was going to end up as vaporware. Now a Dutch developer out there has received an early unit that will allow him to work on apps for the platform, and he’s graciously posted the unboxing photos online for everybody to see. Of course, just because someone has managed […]

Notion Ink Adam working demo shown on video
There was a lot of negative press surrounding the Notion Ink Adam pre-order a while back, since many folks were complaining that there weren’t any real pictures of the device running, only rendered demos. Now Notion Ink has released a demo video of the tablet in action, showing it performing its functions live. The video shows the Eden user interface in action and hints at the possibility that the device […]

Notion Ink Adam tablet to get 15 hours of battery life?
Just when you thought that your iPad from Apple was the next best thing since sliced bread, along comes Notion Ink’s Adam tablet that will sport the power saving Pixel Qi display and the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset, where it has also been touted to feature at least 15 hours of battery life – and when using the 24Wh battery, you can expect at least 20 hours of minimum use. […]

Notion Ink Asks For User Feedback On Color Choices For Its Tablet
Notion Ink’s Adam tablet is much publicized for its use of a Pixel Qi low-power, outdoor-readable display, though the device has been taking its own sweet time in order to arrive. With all the fuss about customization going around nowadays, it’s obvious that color options are important to devices and Notion Ink has confirmed that the tablet will be available in a few different color designs, and it’s currently seeking […]

Notion Ink is preparing for next generation Genesis platform for the Adam tablet
Notion Ink’s Adam tablet has yet to roll out after running into a fair number of hiccups, but we now have word that the company has Genesis up its sleeves – comprising of custom software, an app store as well as a catalog of magazines and additional content for the tablet. This will require collaboration from the outside as well, and Notion Ink will have some heavy duty recruiting and […]

Notion Ink Adam tablet priced at last
Just when you thought that the Notion Ink Adam tablet might end up as vaporware, what with delayed release dates and all, we were pleasantly surprised to know that it has been priced already, including all of the different models to suit most budgets. The hardware of the Notion Ink Adam is pretty impressive, offering a Pixel Qi display that is easy to read regardless of whether you are indoors […]

Notion Ink Adam has specifications finalized
It looks as though Notion Ink’s Adam has gotten its final range of specifications, making this tablet a pretty interesting device that might just have it hit the top in sales charts when released. The camera position is movable, and there was a screen cover which can be removed as well. It would be interesting to see just how many people will use the Notion Ink Adam to watch high […]