[CES 2011] Competition in the e-book reader market heats up, and Qualcomm does look as though they have a winner here with the 5.7” Mirasol Display. This is a purely a reflective screen that boasts a resolution of 1024 x 768 at 4:3 aspect ratio, and frankly, it does look pretty good from what we’ve seen on the showfloor. There is no word on which hardware manufacturer Qualcomm will tie up with, but expect the Mirasol Display to see action in the near future where newer e-book readers hit the market. Of course, the main strength of the Mirasol Display is to look great even when under direct sunlight, showing off its colors in full glory as though you were holding a piece of paper. For those who prefer night time reading , it will work fine with a bedside lamp, although Qualcomm does have plans to introduce infused lighting that will spread light evenly across the Mirasol Display for easy viewing on your eyes even when your surroundings are as dark as the night. Viewing it an angles from the side isn’t recommended, so right now you would do best to see it right from the front as evident in our photo gallery. It is some pretty good stuff here, and the future looks bright (pun not intended) for the Mirasol Display – if it is competitively priced.


We do have a video of the Mirasol Display functioning under direct bright light in the extended post, so take a look at it and see just what you think about it in the comments.

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