Qualcomm invests up to $2 billion in Mirasol color eReader displays

Qualcomm has reportedly coughed up to $2 billion of their cash to invest in a new low power eReader display that will boast a faster refresh rate compared to E Ink, not to mention the ability to display color as well. Known as the Mirasol display, it could very well see action in the next generation of eReaders, although the colors of its initial attempt were not too vivid, but when placed side by side with its rivals such as the Amazon Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader, it will win hands down. WIth $2 billion invested to set up a new plant for manufacturing Mirasol displays, one can look forward to 5.7-inch color displays sometime down the road, perhaps to go up head-to-head with a color Kindle by the time 2012 rolls around?


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